The Professional Intelligence Academy specialises in developing high performance people, teams and company cultures.

We are at the cutting edge of ‘next generation’ training and development; short-form, engaging, and inspiring – we differentiate the Professional Intelligence 21 format from traditional Management Training formats in that we put soft skills at the centre of our approach.

Our methodology was conceived for the emerging generation of talent joining todays working environment, and stands apart from other training providers in that it is designed specifically for highly ambitious and talented people who are looking for insight-driven, highly relevant tools to enable them to succeed at the highest level.

The Professional Intelligence 21 Platform is based on a lean, potent, yet unequalled selection of Behavioural, Self-awareness and Leadership Principles that can be tailored to an individuals’, teams’ or Company’s’ requirements.

We provide Master-classes, Keynotes, Workshops and Individual Coaching.

Professional Intelligence 1

Professional Intelligence 1

How to Succeed at Work

This book is a pre-employee manual. It's what you read before you take your next job or before you go to work the next day.

A digest of mentoring directives and smart behavioural insight that you can keep to hand should you feel in need of guidance at any time.

Pragmatic yet proven; each and every Principle has the potential to positively affect your career, and also the success of the Company you work for (the two go hand in hand after all!).

A brilliant book of plain speaking, sensible advice that can empower anyone looking for career progression in the workplace; a ‘must have’ point of reference.....More please!
- L.O.
Every book I’ve turned to previously is long winded and full of information I already know or things I’ll never use. This book is the antithesis of those books. It’s practical, inspirational, a book you can come back to time and time again.
- K.A.M.

Professional Intelligence 2

How to Manage People

This book is particularly relevant for people who aspire to manage others but also for those who are already doing so. Learn how to apply smart managerial initiatives and seemingly holistic behaviours that will support and optimize your development as a great Manager of People.

If you lead a Business or HR function, distribution of this book will return endless value to your Organisation.

A quick read, perfect for the commute but with some really useful, memorable, tips. Will be buying one for each of my managers as well!
- N.C.
Professional Intelligence is a short but informative book on how to navigate through perils of working life. Its 21 principles are clearly communicated through a single headline that is easy to take away, Jago then explains each principle in greater depth, making it easier to understand how best to apply it in your working life. An enlightening book that should be read by anyone wanting to succeed at work.
- G.D.

About the author

Paula is a COO in the Creative-Technology Industry, having spent nearly 20 years building high performance teams and managing highly talented people.

The Professional Intelligence Book series was born out of Paula’s passion for developing successful careers and mentoring future Leaders.

I build, manage and retain talented, high-performance teams. I build, manage and maintain talented, high-performance businesses. I love what I do!
- Paula Jago

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